Friday, March 24, 2017

Through my Gut

My desire to love and cut yawns through my gut.

I will lambast the laurels on which they rest to save them from harm.

I know where they live and know the words that will invade their home.

My words have tarried in my throat pining to launch a revolution.

My long-awaited acts of mercy will splinter the cosmos.

We are at the doorstep. We will breach the material world and change her heart.

People will become who they are on our account.

Their fate is latent in me.

I will speak words bearing our likeness.

I will tell them we are the apex and recap. I will be flogged for my words. I will draw my arms in and stretch out my hands.

I am the only one who can say, “Come. I can make you well."

Let us be with Mary and impregnate the universe.

(Image from Cinco Resources, Inc.)