Monday, March 19, 2018

First-rate MD

The sign on the door at the doctor’s office said, “Staff Meeting in Progress,” so I slid the Thank You card under the door. A second later the door opened and the whole staff, which filled the waiting room, stared at me. I said, “I wanted to drop this Thank You off to Dr. Knight.” I was grateful the cream Dr. Knight prescribed helped my allergic reaction. Two days earlier my face felt like a forest fire and looked like a bubble bath. Everyone at work asked, “What happened to your face?” probably expecting to hear I spilled scalding oil on it. But I think it was from a malevolent mango.

Dr. Knight was a great doctor because he was skilled and he cared. He listened to what I said and sympathized with me.

Prior to Dr. Knight I saw a different doctor for a different allergy problem. He was mean and he gave me a shot, with a long needle, in my butt. The shot didn’t work and it hurt. An unsympathetic doctor is tolerable if they are effective. But this doctor was unsympathetic and ineffective- the worst kind. An ideal doctor is like Dr. Knight- caring and skilled.

In Jesus, we have caring and skilled physician. When Jesus referred to Himself as a “physician” it was more than a figure of speech.

Jesus is not only interested in the travails of His patients, He participates in them. Jesus does not sit above our pain. He listens to us and identifies with us. He sympathizes with His patient’s illnesses and weaknesses to the degree He suffers with us.

Along with His care and sympathy, Jesus is a first-rate MD. He can heal diseases that require lab designed drugs and decades of medical training with a mere homeopathic touch. And He Himself is the sole remedy for the most domineering, most tragic and inevitable illness- deaths.

Jesus presides as the supreme physician and He does not lack good bedside manner. As one theologian put it, “He is the King who cares.”